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Family Suite Goscinny


Suite familiale goscinny espace

A large family suites in the attic, ideal for large families, groups of friends, or for those who simply like having space. 

The 1,076 sq ft Goscinny suite will have more than 538 sq ft of living room space, three bedrooms, and a bathroom. It can accommodate up to 5/6 people.  

We aimed for authenticity with this renovation work. Everything is being done to use natural materials (wooden and hemp panels for insulation, lime paint, stone, rafters made from the garden poplars etc.) and avoid changing what is already there. These large areas completed with modern comforts in an authentic setting have been renovated for your pleasure.  

Suite Goscinny famille chateau dordogne  

A living room and  3 bedrooms

The Bathroom

Within the South Tower with a bath and toilets. There're additionnal toilets in the open space.

suite familiale goscinny salle de bain 

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